Hire Me!

I am Sundus Umaid

A Visual Designer and Front-end Developer.

I believe minimalism is maximization. The key to great digital interaction is beautiful design with effective user experience.

I am looking for a full time position that offers fresh challenges and learning experiences.

I started my self-taught career as a web designer in 2005. Over the next decade I continued to sharpen my skills in digital and graphic design, and worked with some of the most prestigious brands and agencies in the world including Coca Cola, Unilever, Jack Daniel's, Heineken, Pepsi and more. Many of these projects were brave, innovative, one-of-a-kind – the kind I wish to continue creating.

Company: Exit Bee


Exit Bee

Exit Bee is a powerful conversion rate optimization platform that provides Exit Intent tools and technology.

My responsibilities were to work on the product UI and create various designs for exit intent popups.

Skills Used: UI/UX Design and Development

Company: Vulcun



Vulcun is a Silicon Valley based fantasy eSports startup, which is now officially TwitchAlerts.

My responsibilities at Vulcun were to work on UI/UX design, promotional material, corporate identity and design interfaces for games.

Skills Used: UI/UX Design and Development

Agency: TheAppLabb


RBC Royal Bank

Have a cheque to deposit? Need to send a friend some cash? Want to buy digital gift cards? With RBC Apple Watch App, you can do all this and so much more!

Skills Used: UI/UX Design

Agency: TheAppLabb



Urbery is a same day grocery delivery mobile and web platform that uses a fleet of personal grocery shoppers who buy and deliver your groceries to your doorstep, within 2 hours!

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Skills Used: UI/UX Design

Agency: TheAppLabb


Nanak Flights

Nanak Flights is a Canadian owned and operated travel agency based in Brampton, Ontario. They specialize in lowest fares worldwide.

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Skills Used: UI/UX Design

Agency: Ogilvy Action



Heineken "Open Your City" is an application to search and book a taxi to nearby bars in Dubai.

Each bar has it's own profile, where users can view the bar details, look for hot deals and share their experience.

Skills Used: UI/UX Design

Agency: Ogilvy Action


Jack Daniel’s

Honey to the Bee, an iPad game campaign for creating awareness for their new product "Jack Daniel's Tennesse Honey".

The game is to pick the right ingredients and place them in the glass in the right order to win a free cocktail.

Skills Used: Game UI/UX Design

Agency: VOCA



A creative communication consultancy firm hired me to create their unique Corporate Identity which could represent design and shapes.

I succesfully created their branding based on the brief. The project was also featured on Branding Served.

Skills Used: Corporate Identity, Branding, Stationary & Profile Design

Freelance Project


Event Architects

Event Architects is a brand fulfillment organization specializing in Events Management & Brand Engagement. The client wanted a colorful and geometrical logo to show how they architect variety of events. The client was very happy with the end result.

Skills Used: Corporate Identity, Branding, Web Design and Front-End Development using HTML5/CSS3, LESS, Skrollr, Semantic Grid System & SVG.


Agency: Creative Chaos


Coke Studio

Coke Studio sessions are undoubtedly one of the most popular music programs.

I was lucky enough to work on the UI design and front-end development of Coke Studio Season 4, with a vast and talented team of other designers and back-end developers.

Skills Used: Web Design & Front-end Development.

Other than my passion for design and code, I am deeply in love with nature and photography